Young Researchers Workshop: Stochastic and deterministic methods in kinetic theory

Control of reaction-diffusion equations on time-evolving manifolds

Nastassia Pouradier Duteil

Rutgers University - Camden


Among the main actors of organism development there are morphogens, which are signaling molecules diffusing in the developing organism and acting on cells to produce local responses. Growth is thus determined by the distribution of such signal. Meanwhile, the diffusion of the signal is itself affected by the changes in shape and size of the organism. In other words, there is a complete coupling between the diffusion of the signal and the change of the shapes. We introduce a mathematical model to investigate such coupling. The shape is given by a manifold, that varies in time as the result of a deformation given by a transport equation. The signal is represented by a density, diffusing on the manifold via a diffusion equation. We show the noncommutativity of the transport and diffusion evolution by introducing a new concept of Lie bracket between the diffusion and the transport operator. We also provide numerical simulations showing this phenomenon.