Young Researchers Workshop: Kinetic models in biology and social sciences

A study of Landau damping with random initial inputs

Ruiwen Shu

University of Wisconsin-Madison


For the Vlasov-Poisson equation with random uncertain initial data, we prove that the Landau damping solution given by the deterministic counterpart (Caglioti and Maffei, {\it J. Stat. Phys.}, 92:301-323, 1998) depends smoothly on the random variable if the time asymptotic profile does, under the smoothness and smallness assumptions similar to the deterministic case. The main idea is to generalize the deterministic contraction argument to more complicated function spaces to estimate derivatives in space, velocity and random variables. This result suggests that the random space regularity can persist in long-time even in time-reversible nonlinear kinetic equations.