Mixing and Mixtures in Geo- and Biophysical Flows: A Focus on Mathematical Theory and Numerical Methods

Bridging the meso and macro scale to test a behavioral scenario for soft glasses

Julien Olivier

Aix-Marseille University


Glasses are materials presenting all kinds of complex physical behaviors such as heterogenity, metastability, mechanical noise propagation, viscoelasticity and threshold effects. The exact physical rules behind this behaviors are not all completely understood. One of the possible scenarios is described by a model proposed by Hébraud and Lequeux in 1994 which give a kind of mesoscopic description of these materials. In this talk I'll discuss this model and explain how we can use asymptotic analysis to understand how this mesoscopic description can lead to a macroscopic one. We'll also try to understand how to use this meso-macro bridge to discuss the relevance of the Hébraud-Lequeux scenario in comparison to other models of these materials.