Collective dynamics, control and imaging

Almost global synchronization in complex oscillator networks with applications in power system

Florian Dörfler

ETH Zürich


In this seminar we study the problem of almost global stability in networks of coupled and heterogeneous oscillators as well as applications thereof to power systems. We begin our investigation with networks of so-called phase oscillators, in particular the Kuramoto model for which the review the available results as well as the obstructions to almost global synchronization. Next we showcase the utility of phase oscillator models for analysis and control in power systems. This application motivates us to study more general state-space oscillator models which are useful for control in power grids dominated by renewable sources interfaced with power converters. We demonstrate how our oscillator-inspired and fully decentralized controllers for power converters achieve almost global synchronization on a common harmonic solution with synchronous frequency, pre-defined oscillation amplitudes, and desired phase angle differences.