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KI-Net Conference Announcement

Mathematical and Numerical Methods for Complex Quantum Systems

Mar 26 - 30, 2014

University of Illinois at Chicago
Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science

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Complex quantum systems arise in the description of matter at microscopic and nano-scopic scales. The mathematical formulation and the efficient numerical simulation of such systems is a notoriously difficult problem due to the appearance of, e.g., multiple scales, high dimensional configurations spaces, multi-particle interactions, nonlinear effects, and/or degeneracies of eigenspaces. An interplay between mathematical analysis and numerical simulations is usually needed in order to obtain reliable models. This workshop will focus on recent developments and open challenges in the numerical and mathematical study of complex quantum systems with applications in molecular dynamics, condensed matter physics, and semiconductor materials, including graphene modeling.


The goal of this workshop is to bring together experts in the mathematical analysis and the numerical simulation of complex quantum systems. Participants will include applied mathematicians, mathematical physicists and experts from theoretical chemistry. Emphasis will be placed on multi-scale problems (arising, for example, in the adiabatic description of quantum systems), band-mixing (including surface hopping algortihms), mean-field equations, and the reduction of high-dimensional systems to effective lower dimensional models. Relativistic equations for graphene will also be featured.




Victor BatistaYale University, Department of
Shi JinUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of
Christian RinghoferArizona State University, School of Mathematical and Statistical
Christof SparberUniversity of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Mathematics, Statistics & Computer
Eitan TadmorUniversity of Maryland,


Weizhu BaoNational University of Singapore
Yongyong CaiPurdue University
Eric CancesEcole des Ponts and INRIA
Tucker CarringtonQueen's University
Jingrun ChenUniversity of California Santa Barbara
Carlos J. García-CerveraUniversity of California, Santa Barbara
George A. HagedornVirginia Tech
Clemens HeitzingerTU Vienna
Leland J. JefferisUniversity of Wisconsin - Madison
Shi JinUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison
Kay KirkpatrickUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Caroline LasserTechnische Universität München
Mathieu LewinParis-Cergy
Qin LiUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison
Lin LinUniversity of California, Berkeley
Liu LiuUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison
Jianfeng LuDuke University
Dionisios MargetisUniversity of Maryland
Peter A. MarkowichUniversity of Cambridge
Florian MehatsUniversity of Rennes
Jose A. Morales EscalanteTU Wien (Technical University of Vienna)
Tomoki OhsawaThe University of Texas at Dallas
Olivier PinaudColorado State University
Maksym PryporovIowa State University
Christof SparberUniversity of Illinois at Chicago
Stefan TeufelUniversity Tuebingen
Haobin WangNew Mexico State University
Yingwei WangPurdue University
Weitao YangDuke University
Xu YangUniversity of California, Santa Barbara
Zhennan ZhouDuke University
Paul ZimmermanUniversity of Michigan


A limited amount of travel and local lodging is available for researchers in the early stages of their career who want to attend the full program, especially for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.


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Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science
851 South Morgan Street
Science and Engineering Offices (SEO 636)
University of Illinois at Chicago
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Funding provided by the NSF through the KI-net Grant.