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Kinetic Interaction Team (KIT) Announcement

Research on: Hydrodynamic Limits of Particle Systems for Crystal Surfaces

Sep 13 - 16, 2013

Ctr for Scientific Computation & Math. Modeling, UMd
Center for Scientific Computation And Mathematical Modeling

4146 CSIC, Bldg 406, Paint Branch Drive
College Park, MD
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Atomistic models for crystalline materials include stochastic lattice-gas as well as ball-and-spring models. Such descriptions can be used in the mathematical modeling of epitaxial growth. In the formal limit where a microscopic length approaches zero, these models may give rise to continuum equations for macroscopic variables of interest with effective parameters that depend on atomistic features. The continuum limit is valuable in making connections to phenomena, e.g., pattern formation, observed in lab experiments.


This research program aims to develop a better mathematical understanding of hydrodynamic limits stemming from known particle systems for crystal surfaces. This KIT (Kinetic Interaction Team) will bring together experts to spend several days in order to advance the study of stochastic lattice-gas and other atomistic models. The topics to be studied include both analytical and computational/numerical approaches, such as kinetic Monte Carlo methods, based on models at different scales, from the atomistic to the continuum.


Pierre-Emmanuel JabinUniversity of Maryland
Bo LiUniversity of California, San Diego
Jian-Guo LiuDuke University
Dionisios MargetisUniversity of Maryland
Peter SmerekaUniversity of Michigan


CSCAMM,UMd Visitor Guide

Ctr for Scientific Computation & Math. Modeling, UMd (CSCAMM,UMd)
4146 CSIC, Bldg 406, Paint Branch Drive
College Park, MD