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Kinetic Interaction Team (KIT) Announcement

Asymptotic-Preserving Methods for Kinetic Equations

Feb 3 - 6, 2014

Department of Mathematics, NCSU
Department of Mathematics

2108 SAS Hall, 2311 Stinson Drive
Raleigh, NC
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Many scientific problems involve fluids in transitional regimes. Such problems are typically characterized by the occurrence of a small parameter and show a nonuniform behavior as this parameter approaches zero. The type of the limiting macroscopic equation
is different in nature from that  for finite values of the parameter. Very often when the parameter varies in different order of magnitude
one has to couple a microscopic and a macroscopic models which is often difficult. For kinetic equations that  may exhibit hydrodynamic regimes, it is then desirable to develop robust numerical schemes that can work uniformly with respect to the regime considered, from the rarefied kinetic one to the dense hydrodynamic one, in the spirit of asymptotic-preserving (AP) schemes.


This workshop aims to bring together researchers with different expertise in AP schemes for kinetic and related problems. Our goal is to assess the current state-of-arts of AP schemes in various applications, and to foster  new collaborations. A particular focus will be made on the theoretical foundations and new and  practical applications of these techniques. Lots of time will be available for group discussions.


Daniel BalaguéNorth Carolina State University, Department of
Alina ChertockNorth Carolina State University, Department of
Shi JinUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of
Thomas ReyUniversity of Maryland,


Debora AmadoriUniversity of L'Aquila
Daniel BalaguéNorth Carolina State University
Alina ChertockNorth Carolina State University
Frederic CoquelEcole Polytechnique Paris
Cory HauckOak Ridge National Laboratory and University of Tennessee
Jingwei HuThe University of Texas at Austin
Shi JinUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison
Alexander KurganovTulane University
Mohammed LemouInstitut de Recherche Mathématique de Rennes
Jian-Guo LiuDuke University
Jianfeng LuDuke University
Lorenzo PareschiUniversity of Ferrara
Thomas ReyUniversity of Maryland
Giovanni RussoUniversità di Catania
Li WangUniversity of California, Los Angeles
Yulong XingOak Ridge National Laboratory and University of Tennessee


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Department of Mathematics, NCSU (NCSU)
2108 SAS Hall, 2311 Stinson Drive
Raleigh, NC