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Kinetic Interaction Team (KIT) Announcement

All speed fluid solvers

Nov 28 - Dec 1, 2012

Department of Mathematics, UW-Madison
Department of Mathematics

Van Vleck Hall, 480 Lincoln Drive
Madison, WI
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There are many problems when one needs to deal with fluid dynamic equations with Mach number in different order of magnitude, namely, there exist both compressible and incompressive regimes. Examples of these problems include combustion, multiphase flows, traffic and pedestrain models, etc.  In these problems it is highly desirable to develop fluid solvers that can deal with shock waves in the compressible regimes and are efficient also in the incompressible regimes where the Mach number is small which imposes small time step and mesh size constraints.




The KIT is aimed at developing a full fluid solver in the framework of Asymptotic-preserving scheme, namely a scheme that can capture the low Mach number limit at the discrete level, allowing one to have one scheme that works effectively and efficiently in both compressible and incompressible regimes.


Alina ChertockNorth Carolina State University
Shi JinUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison
Alexander KurganovTulane University


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Department of Mathematics, UW-Madison (UW-Madison)
Van Vleck Hall, 480 Lincoln Drive
Madison, WI